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All Bahman Zamani Leila Samimi Amin Rezaee Maryam Mehrabi Tahereh Adamzadeh Mohammad Ali GaraAt Banafsheh Azizi Alireza Rouhi Mohammad-Sajad Kasaei Atefeh Nirumand Samaneh Hoseindoost Mohammadreza Sharbaf
CoorERE is an executable domain-specific modeling language for simulating auction-based coordination strategies for crisis response.
VAnDroid2, as an extension of VAnDroid framework, is proposed to improve the detection of Inter-App...
A Model-Driven Framework for Automatic Generation of IoT-Based Android Health Monitoring Apps.
An extensible framework to customize conflict management in personalized collaborative modeling.
A framework for automatic generation of business intelligence chatbot for organization
A novel rule-based process for combining multiple versions of model, called the Rule-based N-way Merging...
A novel process for model merging, called the Epsilon-based Three-way Merging Process (E3MP)
A framework for model driven development of interactive emergency response environments
Symbolic Execution of ETL Transformations (SEET)
VAnDroid is an Eclipse-based tool in the field of Android security