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Model Driven Software Engineering Research Group

Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE), as an instance of Model-Driven approaches, is an emerging paradigm in software development in which the main artifact is the “model.” In MDSE, software development is, in fact, applying a series of transformations onto the models. That means, the models are transformed one after another until the final working software (code) is produced. In this sense, the model drives the process, hence, these approaches are “Model-Driven”.

The MDSE research group at the University of Isfahan gathers together the researchers, including professors and graduate students, interested in research topics related to software engineering in general, and Model-Driven approaches and techniques in particular.

In this web site you will find useful information about the research group, the members, their research areas and publications, as well as many useful links related to the subject. Please contact us in case there is any inquiries, suggestions, or proposals for collaboration.