Round 1: Sep 2020 – Jan 2021

# Date Presenter Paper Title Publication Date Journal/Conference
1 09 Sep Mohammadreza Sharbaf Teaching Modelling Literacy: An Artificial Intelligence Approach 2019 MODELS-C
2 16 Sep Zahra Rajaee Personalized and automatic model repairing using reinforcement learning 2019 MODELS-C
3 23 Sep Atefeh Nirumand Using Models to Enable Compliance Checking against the GDPR: An Experience Report 2019 MODELS
4 30 Sep Sorour Jahanbin Intelligent runtime partitioning of lowcode system models 2020 MODELS-W
5 07 Oct Samaneh HoseinDoost Model-driven Design-Runtime Interaction in Safety Critical System Development: an Experience Report 2019 ECMFA
6 14 Oct Abbas Rahimi An LSTM-Based Neural Network Architecture for Model Transformations 2019 MODELS
7 21 Oct Kimiya Kolahdouz Enhancing model transformation synthesis using natural language processing 2020 MODELS-W
8 28 Oct Mohammadreza Talebi Automated Classification of Metamodel Repositories: A Machine Learning Approach 2019 MODELS
9 04 Nov Maryam Mehrabi Model-based fleet deployment of edge computing applications 2020 MODELS
10 11 Nov Leila Samimi Papyrus for gamers, let’s play modeling 2020 MODELS
11 18 Nov Banafsheh Azizi Efficient Generation of Graphical Model Views via Lazy Model-to-Text Transformation 2020 MODELS
12 25 Nov Hossein Moradi Integrated model-driven development of self-adaptive user interfaces 2020 SoSyM
13 02 Dec Hasti Mousavi GDF: a Gamification Design Framework powered by Model-Driven Engineering 2019 MODELS-C
14 09 Dec Hamed Barangi A model-based approach for developing event-driven architectures with AsyncAPI 2020 MODELS
15 16 Dec Mohammadreza Asadi GraphQL Federation: A Model-Based Approach 2020 JOT
16 23 Dec Mohammad-Sajad Kasaei Consistency Control for Model Versions in Evolving Model-Driven Software Product Lines 2019 MODELS-C
17 30 Dec Meysam Karimi Model repair with quality-based reinforcement learning 2020 JOT
18 6 Jan MohammadHadi Dehghani A Model-Driven Approach Towards Automatic Migration to Microservices 2019 DEVOPS
19 13 Jan Shayan Badiee DoMoBOT: A Bot for Automated and Interactive Domain Modelling 2020 MODELS-C
20 20 Jan Fazilat Hojaji Towards an Assessment Grid for Intelligent Modeling Assistance 2020 MODELS-C


Round 2: Jan 2021 – Jul 2021

# Date Presenter Paper Title Publication Date Journal/Conference
21 27 Jan Mohammadreza Talebi iContractML: A Domain-Specific Language for Modeling and Deploying Smart Contracts onto Multiple Blockchain Platforms 2020 SAM
22 3 Feb Hasti Mousavi Requirements-Driven Visualizations for Big Data Analytics: A Model-D riven Approach 2019 Conceptual Modeling, ER Conf.
23 10 Feb Banafsheh Azizi MAR: A structure-based search engine for models 2020 MODELS
24 17 Feb Keila Samimi A Model-driven Alternative to Programming in Blocks using Rule-based Transformations 2020 MODELS
25 24 Feb MohammadHadi Dehghani Automatic Reverse Engineering of Interaction Models from System Logs 2019 ETFA
26 3 Mar Mohammad-Sajad Kasaei Metamodel clone detection with SAMOS 2019 J.CoLa
27 10 Mar Sorour Jahanbin To build, or not to build: ModelFlow, a build solution for MDE projects 2020 MODELS
28 17 Mar Mohammadreza Sharbaf Towards Model-Driven Digital Twin Engineering: Current Opportunities and Future Challenges 2020 ICSMM
29 7 Apr Abbas Rahimi Generating Large EMF Models Efficiently: A Rule-Based, Configurable Approach 2020 FASE
30 17 Apr Fazilat Hojaji Distributed Model Validation with Epsilon 2021 SoSyM
31 21 Apr Hossein Moradi IDE as Code: Reifying Language Protocols as First-Class Citizens 2021 ISEC
32 28 Apr Shayan Badiee Automated migration of EuGENia graphical editors to the web 2020 MODELS-C
33 19 May Kimiya Kolahdouz Incremental Verification of UML/OCL Models 2020 JOT
34 26 May Atefeh Nirumand Leveraging Natural-language Requirements for Deriving Better Acceptance Criteria from Models 2020 MODELS
35 2 Jun Meysam Karimi An MDE Method for Improving Deep Learning Dataset Requirements Engineering using Alloy and UML 2021 MODELSWARD
36 9 Jun Hamed Barangi Midgar: Creation of a Graphic Domain-Specific Language to Generate Smart Objects for Internet of Things Scenarios Using Model-Driven Engineering 2020 IEEE Access
37 16 Jun Mohammadreza Asadi Applying MDD in the content management system domain 2021 SoSyM
38 23 Jun Samaneh Hoseindoost An improved approach on the model checking for an agent-based simulation system 2020 SoSyM
39 7 Jul Sara Ghadiri MEdit4CEP-SP: A model-driven solution to improve decision-making through user-friendly management and real-time processing of heterogeneous data streams 2021 Knowledge-Based Systems
40 14 Jul Fereshteh Hadiyan Modeling Objects with Uncertain Behaviors 2021 JOT
41 21 Jul Athareh Fatemian A Model-Driven Framework for Security Labs using Blockchain Methodology 2021 SysCo
42 28 Jul Zohreh Hashemian Multilevel modeling of geographic information systems based on international standards 2021 SoSyM


Round 3: Sep 2021 – May 2022

# Date Presenter Paper Title Publication Date Journal/Conference
43 21 Sep Kimiya Kolahdouz A technique for evaluating and improving the semantic transparency of modeling language notations 2021 SoSyM
44 28 Sep Zahra Bagheri Nasab Towards Reinforcement Learning for In-Place Model Transformations 2021 MODELS
45 19 Oct Mohammadreza Talebi Integrated Model-Driven Engineering of Blockchain Applications for Business Processes and Asset Management 2020
46 26 Oct Mohammad-Sajad Kasaei Scalable N-Way Model Matching Using Multi-Dimensional Search Trees 2021 MODELS
47 2 Nov Atefeh Nirumand AIDOaRt: AI-augmented Automation for DevOps, a Model-based Framework for Continuous Development in Cyber-Physical Systems 2021 DSD Conference
48 9 Nov FAzilat Hojaji A GNN-based Recommender System to Assist the Specification of Metamodels and Models 2021 MODELS
49 16 Nov Hossein Moradi Towards a model-driven approach for multiexperience AI-based user interfaces 2021 SoSyM
50 30 Nov Fereshteh Hadiyan A domain-specific language for the specification of UCON policies 2022 JISA
51 7 Dec MohammadHadi Dehghani Leveraging Model-Driven Technologies for JSON Artefacts: The Shipyard Case Study 2021 MODELS
52 28 Dec Sara Ghadiri CEPchain: A graphical model-driven solution for integrating complex event processing and blockchain 2021 J.ESWA
53 11 Jan Zohreh Hashemiyan Developing Web-based Geographic Information Systems with a DSL: Proposal and Case Study 2020 JWE
54 18 Jan Mohammadreza Talebi Workshop: Introduction to Ethereum
55 25 Jan Hamed Barangi MontiThings: Model-Driven Development and Deployment of Reliable IoT Applications 2022 JSS
56 8 Feb Mohammadreza Sharbaf Resolving Synchronization Conflicts in Role-Based Multimodel Synchronization Environments 2021 COP
57 22 Feb Samaneh Hoseindoost Model-Driven Simulation-Based Analysis for Multi-Robot Systems 2021 MODELS
58 15 Mar Leila Samimi Low-code development and model-driven engineering: Two sides of the same coin? 2022 SoSyM
59 26 Apr Sorour Jahanbin An efficient line-based approach for resolving merge conflicts in XMI-based models 2022 SoSyM
60 3 May Abbas Rahimi AML4DT: A Model-Driven Framework for Developing and Maintaining Digital Twins with AutomationML 2021 ETFA
61 10 May Zahra Bagheri Nasab A generic LSTM neural network architecture to infer heterogeneous model transformations 2022 SoSyM
62 17 May Athareh Fatemian The human in model-driven engineering loop: A case study on integrating handwritten code in model-driven engineering repositories 2021 SPE


Round 4: Jun 2022 – Sep 2022

# Date Presenter Paper Title Publication Date Journal/Conference
63 28 Jun Mohammad-Sajad Kasaei DSMCompare: domain-specific model differencing for graphical domain-specific languages 2022 SoSyM