Research Groups:

  1. Systems, Software and Models (SOM) Research Lab
  2. Software Engineering Research Group (GEODES)
  3. Applied Computing Group (ACG)
  4. Business Informatics Group (BIG)
  5. Nantes Software Modeling Group (NaoMod)
  6. Pattern Trace Identification, Detection, and Enhancement in Java (PTIDEJ)
  7. Software Engineering (Paderborn)
  8. SDA Software Engineering Research Group
  9. Automated Software Design Research Group
  10. Software Languages Lab
  11. Verification Laboratory (VLab)
  12. KYBELE Research Group
  13. Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers (SENSORIA)


  1. Zeligsoft
  2. MetaCase
  3. DevOn Model Architect
  4. Metadev
  5. CLMS UK
  6. Uground

Courses on MDE:

  1. Beyond Code: An Introduction to Model-Driven Software Development
  2. Model-Driven Engineering
  3. Software Language Engineering


Domain-Specific Modeling Languages (DSML):

Model Transformations:

Design Patterns:

Academic Writing:

Prepare your writings, i.e., papers, technical reports, or thesis by LaTeX: