Rahim Lotfi

Rahim Lotfi


Start: Sep. 2013
Finish: Sep. 2015
Thesis Title: A New Pattern for Architectural Design of Enterprise Applications to Facilitate Automatic Code Generation
Supervisor: Dr. Bahman Zamani
Current Position: Programmer at Heilton Group

Thesis Abstract:
Software systems are designed to meet the business objectives of organizations; in this regard, architecture acts as a bridge between these business objectives and the final system. Increased complexity in the design and development of software systems will not only lead to an increase in the costs, but it will also result in low-quality systems and many run-time errors. In order to cope with the problem of complexity of software systems and to reduce errors in the generated code, the use of the design patterns is recommended.
More specifically, the use of design pattern in the design and development of database systems, which we call “enterprise applications”, will lower the dependency and complexity, and will increase the efficiency and scalability of the system. Studies have shown that well-designed software architecture will have a considerable effect on the quality of the final system. However, software engineers are still seeking appropriate architectures for the design of software systems in order to improve the development of such systems.
In this research, two new design patterns called MVC+ and MVC++ are proposed for the design of enterprise applications, the use of which will reduce the time and cost of system development. These design patterns also support code generation. For this purpose, a tool called LCG has been constructed in this research. The use of the tool for code generation based on models will optimize the code and lower the error rate. Consequently, the quality of the software will increase and less time will be used for the development and construction of software. Therefore, the use of LCG tool will reduce the time and cost in the development of enterprise applications.


Email: Zamani[AT]eng.ui.ac.ir
Tel: +98-31-37934537
Address: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Hezar Jarib Ave.


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  • February 16, 2020