Maryam Mehrabi

Maryam Mehrabi


Start: Sep. 2017
Finish: Oct. 2020
Thesis Title: A Model-Driven Framework for Developing IoT-Based Health Monitoring Applicatins
Supervisor: Dr. Bahman Zamani
Current Position: Ph.D. Student at Concordia University

Maryam Mehrabi received her B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (Software) from University Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran, in 2017.


Thesis Abstract:
Recently‎, ‎smartphones support a variety of functionalities including gathering‎, ‎storing‎, ‎analyzing‎, ‎visualizing‎, ‎and sending data as well as sending different kinds of alerts and reports in the process of remote health monitoring‎. ‎To perform the listed functionalities a mobile application is required to manage health monitoring process‎. ‎But the development of such applications with traditional software development methods according to issues such as heterogeneity of hardware and software systems‎, ‎supporting different data transferring technologies‎, ‎and requiring knowledge and expertise from different domains is a time consuming and complex activity that needs a variety of programming skills.
‎In this research‎, ‎to address these challenges‎, a framework for the development of IoT-based health monitoring mobile applications based on model-driven approach is presented‎. ‎This approach‎, ‎by increasing the level of abstraction‎, ‎helps reduce both the development time and the dependency of the development process on the programming skills of the developer‎. ‎The proposed framework divides the development of health monitoring applications into two phases‎: ‎modeling and automatic code generation‎. ‎To use this framework developers should extract the system requirements‎, ‎design and validate the application model‎, ‎and finally generate application code using model-to-code transformations.
‎This research is evaluated in three parts‎. ‎At first‎, ‎the comprehensiveness of the proposed framework is discussed‎. ‎Then to show the applicability of the proposed framework‎, ‎two applications are developed to monitor chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and blood pressure‎. ‎Also‎, ‎by calculating the percentage of automatic code generation‎, ‎the amount of savings in‎ ‎development time for each application is determined‎. ‎Finally‎, ‎the usability of the proposed framework has been evaluated after completing a questionnaire by 20 developers‎.




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