Shiva Rasoulzadeh


A domain specific modeling language for enterprise application development

This article describes how experience in domain specific modeling can be captured and abstracted in a domain specific modeling language (DSML). Modeling with a DSML results in quality models. Patterns of enterprise application architecture (PofEAA) is a rich set of patterns that can be used by designers when designing (modeling) web-based enterprise applications. This article aims at defining a DSML based on PofEAA patterns, as well as providing tool support for designing web-based enterprise applications that use these patterns. The authors have built a DSML using the profile extension mechanism of UML, by defining stereotypes. In addition to the proposed profile, this article has implemented the structure and behavior of PofEAA patterns in Rational Software Architecture (RSA) which is resulted in a tool that facilitates the design of software for designers. To show the usefulness of the tool, it is used for modeling two small systems based on the PofEAA patterns. The results show that many of the design is automated and the modeling speed is increased.

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Acceptance of Ms. Shiva Rasoulzadeh’s paper in the IJITSA Journal

Our paper entitled “A Domain Specific Modeling Language for Enterprise Application Development” was accepted in the International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach (IJITSA).

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