Mahboubeh Taghizadeh


An automatic test case generator for evaluating implementation of access control policies

One of the main requirements for providing software security is the enforcement of access control policies which aim to protect resources of the system against unauthorized accesses. Any error in the implementation of such policies may lead to undesirable outcomes. For testing the implementation of access control policies, it is preferred to use automated methods which are faster and more reliable. Although several researches are conducted for automated testing of the specification of access control policies at the design phase, there is not enough research on testing their implementation. In addition, since access control is amongst non-functional requirements of the system, it is not easy to test them along with other requirements of the system by usual methods. To address this challenge, in this paper, we propose an automated method for testing the implementation of access control in a system. This method, as a model based technique, is able to extract test cases for evaluating the access control policies of the system under test. To generate test cases automatically, a combination of behavior model of the system and the specification of access control policies are used. The experimental results show that the proposed approach is able to find the failures and cover most of the code that is related to access control policies.

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Acceptance of Ms. Taghizadeh and Ms. Safarzadeh’s paper in ISeCure Journal

Our paper entitled “An Automatic Test Case Generator for Evaluating Implementation of Access Control Policies” was accepted in the ISeCure journal.

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  • June 27, 2019