Fazilat Hojaji Najafabadi


Towards a tracing framework for model-driven software systems

Understanding software behavior by analyzing its execution traces is an important enabler for many software engineering tasks. In Model-Driven Development (MDD), dynamic analysis methods are often used to analyze executable models to enable the understanding of software behavior in early stages of the development process. An execution trace of a model can provide information to help reason about executable models. However, understanding an execution trace is not an easy task due to the size and complexity of typical traces. In this work, we aim at tackling this problem by proposing a model tracing framework, comprising compaction techniques to simplify the analysis of large traces at a higher level of abstraction, and a model tracing language, to capture run-time behavior of the executed model adequately.

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Acceptance of Dr. Zamani and Ms. Hojaji’s research project proposal in Impulse Iran-Austria scientific collaboration

The proposed research project presented by Dr. Bahman Zamani, a faculty member of the Computer Engineering Department of the University of Isfahan, was selected as one of the research projects in Impulse Iran-Austria scientific collaboration by the Office of Scientific Cooperation of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This research project will be implemented […]

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Workshop on Introducing Practical Tools in MDSE

Time: Wednesday, 8 February, 2-5 PM Location: Computer Lab (Class 18)   Workshop Schedule: Program Goal Presenter Predicted Time Hours 1 Plugin Development Plugin creation in eclipse and lanching Mohammadreza Sharbaf 15 min 2-2:15 PM 2 Xtend Language Introducing Xtend Language Fazilat Hojaji 60 min 2:15-3:15 PM 3 Eclipse EMF Programming 4 Executing Model Introducing […]

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Acceptance of Ms. Fazilat Hojaji for Sabbatical at Technical University of Vienna

Ms. Fazilat Hojaji will start her sabbatical in Technical University of Vienna on July 5th, 2016.

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Email: Zamani[AT]eng.ui.ac.ir
Tel: +98-31-37934537
Address: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Hezar Jarib Ave.


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