A new model-based test technique using formal specification of software architectures

In component-based software development, the correctness of a system depends upon the successful integration of components. While individual components may function correctly, several new faults can arise when these components are integrated together. Model-based testing, as a way of checking the correctness of a component, generates test cases from a formal model of the components, in a systematic manner. In this work, we use Software Architecture as a reference model in Model-based testing. It specifies the behavior of components with respect to their architectural specifications. Team automata possess distinguishable characteristics which make it suitable to specify Software Architecture, formally. It is an extended automata-based model. We present a framework which uses team automata to formalize architectural specifications. We use formal architectural specifications during automatic generation of test case. We use a sample HRMCS case study to illustrate our hands-on experience.

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  • June 10, 2019