Critiquing the application of pattern languages on UML models

The quality assessment and checking the consistency of models, as the main artifacts in Model Driven Development (MDD), should be given enough attention. In designing enterprise applications, designers are interested into using Pattern Languages, eg, Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (EAA). However, applying a pattern needs expertise and novice designers are vulnerable to make mistakes in using patterns.
In this paper, we present a critiquing process called Sign/Criteria/Repair (SCR) for verification of the application of EAA patterns in a design. The process aims to detect whether the patterns are used correctly or consistently, and to help the designer in repairing the problems if the patterns are used wrongly. To evaluate the idea behind SCR, we decided to integrate it into existing tools, and see how these environments can help the designer in detecting and fixing problems in a model. As our case study, we have selected six EAA patterns and three state of the art environments, ArgoUML, Epsilon, and OCLE.
The results show that all three environments are successful in the detection of problems in models, albeit, repairing the problems is doable only by ArgoUML and Epsilon. Furthermore, the effort needed for critiquing a model and writing the code for detection and repair of problems is not the same in all environments.

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